Alumni Statistics

422 students have graduated from the Health Careers Academy.

214 of them graduated as Certified Nursing Assistants.  

23 students have been hired at Cottage Health Systems.

52 students have been hired in other health care settings both in and outside of our community.

The San Marcos High School Health Careers Academy is a wonderful learning experience for anyone who has a passion for the medical field. As a former student, I found that this program is a great starting place and it will open your eyes up to many of the health careers out there. The classes that you take for the Health Academy, such as Anatomy and Physiology will help prepare you for your future college courses. The medical terminology that you learn in the Health Academy will stick with you later in your academic career. During this program, I enjoyed how we got to visually learn about the parts of the human body by observing and interacting closely with models. These body part models are very similar to the real human body and helped me succeed when reviewing for tests. Also, throughout the year you get to listen to a wide range of guest speakers that specialize in different areas of the healthcare field. If you are a serious student and are interested in learning more about the field of health it is a privilege to be a part of the Health Careers Academy.
— Annie Hruza, Class of 2015

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